Saturday - Full day of Coaching and Player Development.

Posted by BC Baseball Association on Feb 19 2017 at 06:26PM PST in 2017 Season
image The Coaching Convention shifted into high gear Saturday. All the guest coaches and presenters were on stage over the course of the day, which started at 8:30 am and wound up at 4:20. Eddie Diaz lead the day off again, speaking on Managing Game Strategies. The morning also included Chris Carminucci"s talk on What Scouts Are Really Looking For. Tom House gave two talks to the coaches before lunch. Keeping Pitchers Healthy- Mental, Emotional, and Nutritional Tips for Pitchers and his Pitching Biomechanics talk to nearly all coaches in attendance. Wayne Parro , speaking on the NCCP program , and Matt Nokes presentation on High Performance- Catching Techniques rounded out the morning. An estimated 200 coaches and players attended the Saturday morning programs. After a lunch break and the annual BC Baseball awards luncheon, the afternoon sessions got underway. Along with the scheduled guest speakers, the Convention offered the NCCP Initiation

Module, ( the first in the series of NCCP required modules). Don Hooten Jr gave a talk on Myths about Steriods, while Eddie Diaz, gave an outstanding on-field clinic covering Coaching Third Base. That was followed by the Bill Harrison giving Ways to Slow a High-Speed Ball Down. Matt Nokes, High-Performance Hitting Mindset and Chris Carminucci on Team Building rounded out the days coaching presentations.
Meanwhile the High Performance seminar used the instructors who were not on stage to work with players looking to take their game to the next level. Carminucci talked about Scouts and what they are looking for. Jeff Krushell worked with the Players on* Warming Up*, Shoulder Moves, and On-Field Movement. After lunch, Don Hooten gave two talks. One on Dietary Supplements, and his Myths on Steriods talk he had given to the coaches in the morning. The Harrison’s talked about techniques on How to Slow Down a High Speed Ball, while Hall of Fame Sports Writer Bob Elliott and International Sports Groups, Pete Caliendo wrapped up the Saturday players seminar talking on Baseball Opportunies for Athletes.
With two days in the books, Sundays schedule includes a 13U baseball clinic along with more baseball coaching information and ideas.


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