Caravan Stops in Tsawwassen

Posted by BC Baseball Association on Apr 02 2017 at 09:18AM PDT

The Coaches Caravan rolled into Tsawwassen Saturday afternoon. Former President of Baseball Canada Ray Carter was there and he continues to be amazed at how good the instructors are with all the different age groups. Also the communication with the parents and coaches who have been rotating with the groups. He could not believe how much positive feedback he received from the coaches and parents at the event.

“The hitting area of the camp was very impressive because the instructors use plastic Wiffle ball bats which allow the players to swing properly, hitting a lot of soft baseballs. This, in turn, allows the body to control the bat and then when you place the real bat in their hands now the body can control that bat because it understands the proper movements. Instead of starting with the real bat and having that bat controlling the body.”

This email from John Forbes, President of Tsawwassen sums up the feedback received all day.
“I wanted to express our thanks for being given the opportunity to host the Coaches Caravan yesterday afternoon in Tsawwassen.
We had tremendous turnout from our Rally Cap, Tadpole, Mosquito and Pee Wee divisions. Parents, coaches, and players all took part in the instruction given and the feedback I received from parents and coaches was nothing but positive. The highlight of the afternoon and the most impactful to the parents was the talk about encouraging and cheering on your child when they are playing and focus on being positive. Simply telling your child on the way home that you love watching them play baseball is all you really need to say.

I want to thank the coaches involved and to Mike Kelly for organizing and making this event happen. It is an event we would very much like to host again next season."


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