18U Selects Player/Parent Testimonials - Arizona

Posted by BC Baseball Association on Apr 10 2015 at 12:42PM PDT

Upon returning from the recetn Arizona trip BC Baseball received correspondence regarding this program….

We are very pleased with the way the program is working and see success for the next group of players coming up. Our son R.W. is tuned up and on the hunt for a College program in the fall. The practices every day were exactly what R.W. was hoping for and playing mostly double headers each day made perfect sense. 10 Games / 8 practices in 8 days was the perfect start to a season. It’s not a holiday it is Spring Training. Each coach brought their specialty and worked hands on with patience and sometimes the much needed guidance. Thanks.

We again wanted to thank you (Orville), Dave, Bill and Matt for the Arizona experience. Our son has a bounce in his step when he came back and that is in direct relation to how he was treated and the confidence staff developed in him. When coaches truly care about the player there is no goal unattainable. He needed exactly what the coaching staff provided and any poor PBL history was washed away and replaced with hope. Thanks from a very appreciative Mom and Dad. Nothing is better than seeing their child not only succeed, but smile doing it. Thanks.

Z.B. had a great experience in Tucson. He gave it a 10/10! One of the best baseball trips he has ever been on. So, kudos to you!!

Just wanting to say that our son, N.Y., had a great time in Arizona! What a great experience for these young boys, playing against college guys and men is pretty impressive! The boys loved the tour of the university and were quite impressed.

Thank you for the opportunity for these boys,


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