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Today marks the launch of BC Baseball’s 2018 18U AAA and College Prep All Star Weekend. This morning the boys were hard at it with combine testing witnessed by former MLB stars and US College scouts. The buzz at Latrace park is electric, with the boys running through testing at full throttle.

The future of these BC Baseball players is looking sharp and hungry. Come take in the events as the showcase continues, these players will not disappoint.

It’s going to be a great day!

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What do you get when you put BC Baseball programming along with two MLB players like Outfielder/1B Ernie Young and Pitcher Aaron Myette together on a wet Friday night in Aldergrove?

You get 30 16U Grade 10 baseball players keyed up and completely unfazed by the weather. Underway by 4:00 PM tonight the players put in a solid four hours dedicating themselves to working their defensive fielding skills as well as balancing it out with offensive hitting training.

The players were able to take advantage of a full instructor line up beyond Ernie and Aaron including Dave Diachuk, Al Forman, JJ Hyde, Grant Rimer, Alan Rimer and Michael Dagg. There is no shortage of game knowledge on the ball field this weekend and the crew delivers, rain or shine!

This is just the first chapter of the three day Showcase weekend that draws the attention of scouts, post secondary recruiters, high performance coaches and the baseball community. Tomorrow sees the the players back on the field to go back at it!

From Grassroots to No No....

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James Paxton, a native of Ladner BC, astonished the baseball world on Tuesday May 8th and stymied the Toronto Blue Jays with a 5-0 complete game no hitter. Only the second one ever thrown by a Canadian, last happening in 1945 at the hands of Dick Fowler.

It was a statement, no doubt, in front of the only Canadian MLB home crowd in the league. A statement as to how far baseball programs in BC have come, a statement about the quality of programming offered in BC, a statement about how much hard work is put in every day by so many. By players, coaches, parents, volunteers…. in a sport that Canada is not known for, yet so very important to those who are involved.

James isn’t the only one to make a statement. Before his highlight reel game there were the likes of Larry Walker (Maple Ridge), Justin Morneau (New Westminister), Jason Bay (Trail), Michael Saunders (Victoria), Brett Lawrie (Langley), Ryan Dempster (Gibsons), Jeff Francis (North Delta), Ted Bowsfield (Vernon) and a surprisingly long list of others not mentioned…but no less accomplished.

It’s easy to lose sight of the foundation of all this talent in the bright lights of the Big Show hype, the place where all baseball players get their start, Grassroots Baseball. After all, it has to start somewhere, the hunger and passion for the game is rooted long before the hours and days are put in. Long before the ID Camps, long before the Showcases, the Draft, the contracts and the eventual accolades are won, the fire is lit.

It starts in the communities around BC, driven by the organizations powered by volunteers and supported by BC Baseball. As the hunger grows and the needs develop these communities continue to step up and work tirelessly to nurture our players desire to continue the pursuit of the game.

The value of the Grassroots movement should never be underestimated, it is the very soul of baseball and the most important part of what we do as BC Baseball, member associations, coaches, parents and players.

BC Baseball celebrates all of you, past stars, current stars and the future stars. We celebrate the hard work of everyone collectively nurturing the dream, but most of all we celebrate our Grassroots programming. It is the very genesis of the dream.

Please see the attached agenda for the 15U A Summer Season Meeting on May 12th, 2018.

If your association is planning to field a 2018 15U A Summer Team your attendance, either in person or via conference call is strongly recommended.

We also recommend that if you have already selected your coaching staff that they also attend as this will be the ideal opportunity to discuss the upcoming season and any items relevant to a successful summer program.

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Coaches Caravan Weekend in Review

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The Caravan stopped in Duncan on Friday for their last stop on Vancouver Island. It was a great day with the crew running a practice for the Duncan 18U team. Another great opportunity to put boots on the ground working with our member associations. An effort graciously appreciated by the players, coaches and parents. The BC Baseball Coaches Caravan followed later with 140 attending BC Baseball’s flagship program for grass roots players and parents!

Richmond City Baseball’s President, John Braaten and his executive team popped a Grand Slam with 340 players, parents and coaches showing up in force for the first stop of the Saturday tour of the Coaches Caravan. An awesome event to either witness or be a part of!

Second stop for the Caravan on Saturday was Tsawwassen with 120 attending players, coaches and parents. Again coaches were happy with the drills and parents enjoying watching and participating in the drills.

Sunday had the Caravan showing up in Cloverdale as BC Baseball works to continually draw more and more grass roots players to the game. Speaking to president Chris Lund, he is ecstatic about the Caravan stopping in Cloverday and thanks BC Baseball for helping draw almost 250 players, coaches, and parents.

Monday was another great night with the Caravan travelling to Ridge Meadows where over 340 attended the Caravan in the home town and BC Baseball product Tyler O’Neill and Larry Walker. President Bruce Evans and Angie Gregson did a great job organizing the Caravan