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BCMBA Coaches Caravan


2023 Coaches Caravan is Rolling Out

By BCMBA 03/24/2023, 1:45pm PDT

The 2023 Coaches Caravan brought to you by BC Minor Baseball Association is rolling out to a community near you!

2023 BC Minor Baseball Association Coaches Conference

February 10th - 12th, 2023

Schedule of Speakers & Events

2023 BC Minor Baseball Coaches Conference





BC Minor Baseball Coaches Conference Shines!

By Admin 12/20/2020, 1:15pm PST

BC Minor Baseball Coaches Conference receives 2020 Baseball Canada Event Recognition Award!

The Baseball Canada Event Recognition Award is handed out annually to a community, group or organization that has hosted a baseball event that has benefitted the baseball community or delivered a baseball experience in a unique fashion to the greater community. Events considered can include but are not limited too: a tournament, coach/officials clinic or convention, player development experience, convention bringing baseball communities together, a fundraiser.

The BC Minor Baseball Coaches Conference celebrated the 20th anniversary in February and reached close to 200 coaches and over 100 players. Structured as a three-day coach focused conference featuring the likes of Reggie Smith, Roberto Alomar, Aaron Myette, Pete Caliendo, Jeff Krushell, Jim Lefebvre, Tom House and a litany of other well-known baseball icons, it has grown in recent years to include high-performance player camps as well. 

Attendees annually come from far-and-wide including those outside of Canada to listen to speakers who share unique and insightful content that simply make better coaches. The conference continues to deliver long after the weekend is over with an exclusive Coaches Clubhouse via the BC Minor Baseball website where attendees have access to a video archive of all of the training sessions from current and past years. 

This BC Minor Baseball Coaches Conference also serves as the unofficial start to the baseball year in BC and has been energizing coaches, new and old, for many years. A place for learning and connecting and simply celebrating the game, this event, and its high quality speakers and development opportunities for athletes across the sport, is one that is looked forward to year after year.


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