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Core Values


The Core Values Platform is a leadership resource that will support "values-based planning" for BC Baseball boards — community and provincial.  It’s also a tool that can assist in such areas as communications & marketing, volunteer development, awards & recognition, and coaching & player development.

The Platform was developed, over several months, through a process involving 13 BC Baseball board members.  The process was facilitated by consultants Tony Casey and Chris Crapper. 

The implementation of the Core Values Platform will directly “align" the policies & programs of BC Baseball with the values of the association and its leaders.  

Member Associations and the Provincial Executive are encouraged:

  1. to review the Core Values material;
  2. to discuss its applications with colleagues in your community and other parts of the province; and
  3. to consider moving forward with some implementation.

As you begin to use the Core Values Platform, please provide feedback through the website.