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An Update on Rule 13

By BCMBA, 04/08/23, 9:30PM PDT


An Update on Rule 13 from your BC Minor Baseball Association Board of Directors

There is no good reason for your Managers, Coaches, Players and/or Parents/Guardians to be ejected from any baseball games played this year... or any year actually. So, if they decide to push that button, I'd like to introduce Ryan Hall, BCMBA Director and Discipline Chair. Ryan is a trained and experienced Discipline Authority within administrative law. Ryan will be receiving all ejection reports this year and will be following up with Association Presidents as per Rule 13.13. If when they made the decision to leave the game and abandon their team they will get the usual one game suspension for minor infractions (See Rule 13.02) but if they take it to the major infraction level (See Rule 13.03) they will be inviting Ryan into your world.


You can contact Ryan at any time through our web site at;


Being ejected is a terrible message to send to youth athletes and fans. It provides zero educational value in teaching our young athletes how to deal with adversity. Just like players and coaches, umpires are not perfect. They are trying their best to be neutral and make the right call(s).

BCMBA, the BCBUA and Baseball BC are working together this year in hopes of delivering a safe place for everyone attending and participating in our baseball events. To be clear, the umpires and/or any game official, are not to be disrespected, bullied or put in a position where they no longer find themselves in a safe environment and/or place. Just like everyone else involved, they are learning their craft and can only do that in a safe place.


Coaches should all by now have taken the Safe Sport Module of the NCCP Coaching Certification requirements. It is a requirement for all coaches, if they haven't, here is the link.


Please, everyone, read through Rule 13 as many times as needed to be familiar with it, thank you. Also, if you see something going on during an event/game that may lead to an incident it's up to you to step up and be part of the Safe Sport team.